•Site number: P96 356H/A

•Site name: Bryanston Mega Digital

•Address: Cnr William Nicol and Peter Place, Bryanston

•LSM: 8-10+ 

•Dimensions: 4.5m (h) x 7m (w)

•Material: Digital, MP4 Format, Ratio 16:9, Video Res 1920 x 1080, Screen Width Pixels 640, Screen Height Pixels 448.

•Area Information: This mega digital screen is located on the corner of William Nicol Drive & Peter Place, Bryanston in the heart of Sandton. This mega digital display is strategically located on William Nicol Drive at the extremely busy intersection pushed further back and raised up in the air to secure visibility from all directions. The digital screen is Anti UV which eliminates glare & reflection during day time, low energy consumption, ultra wide viewing angle,10 000 pixels per M2, 16:9 Aspect Ratio & is Full HD Compatible.