We’re a creative  studio  with  digital  at our core . We have one purpose : to build

meaning-full brand engagement through user - focused, digital experiences.

How you may ask?

We want to tap into real insights of our culture and tell your brand’s story using

technology in a strategically creative, but simple way.

To do this, we offer a full - service communications & brand consultancy ,focussing

on business-to-business communications and start-ups .We believe in keeping things small . That’s why

when you meet us , or when you brief us , you’ll be meeting the same guys who’ll be doing the work . No red

tape. No middle man. Just pure creative awesomeness.

This means that we limit our client base and only work with people we want to.

Life is too short to do it any other way. So let’s not beat around the bush .

If we work with you, we’re in it for the long haul. And get this… we want to work

with you.

So, occasionally, if we don’t agree, just know that we genuinely have your best

interests at heart. After all, we’ve said no to other clients so we could say yes to you.

Network X Digital Media

What we offer

Interface Design

Art Direction

Interaction Design

Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Story Telling

Front End

Back End

Web  Application 

IOS Application





User Experience

Brand Strategy





Content Strategy


Billboard advertising


Outdoor advertising

Digital Billboard

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