•Site number: L3150 6R61

•Site name: Linksfield Rd Hoarding

•Address: •Linksfield Rd offramp, Edenvale

•LSM: 7-10+ 

•Dimensions: 3.5m (h) x 100m (w) = 350m²

•Material: PVC

•Area Information: This Mega Hoarding is located at The Link Shopping centre that is currently under construction off the N3 highway stretch on the Linksfield off ramp. Our displays offer a high impact and long exposure time to passers by as they are strategically located on the Linksfield offramp intersection and along Linksfield Road as well as from the N3 highway stretch from both directions. Your brand will be exposed to mid-high LSM including traffic travelling to all high end business parks, residential and schools like Saheti and many others in the close proximity. This area is also saturated with restaurants, coffee shops, retail centres and retails stores.