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Transit Media

Transit Media connects the dots

We cover a multitude of metro markets including Gauteng, KZN, Limpopo, Western Cape and more. Various types of bus advertising  ads are available to advertisers. Whether you’re looking to target a pedestrian audience exposed to buses, or a road user-friendly audience, we can bring your message to the masses in a powerful way. Our transit displays make an impact on an increasingly youthful and difficult to engage urban demographic.

Buses go where people go – where they live, shop, work, and play – and so does the advertising on buses. The strengths of a bus transit display is its constant ability to find a crowd and its ability to provide continuous exposure. These moving billboards circulate the busiest areas of major metropolitan cities and provide exposure to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians.

A bus transit sign "mingles with consumers," and follows the flow of shoppers and their spending power – speaking, showing and selling along the way. Establish brand awareness and brand resonance by utilizing bus advertising – a versatile medium that can reach areas other types of advertising cannot.

What we offer

We offer a multitude of transit bus branding opportunities including:

  • Bus Back Branding

  • Full Bus wraps including windows

  • Full Bus Wraps excluding windows

We have more than 850 Busses in country wide available.